6 Hidden Storage Ideas for a More Organised Home

Regardless of how large your home is and how neat you are, you’ll always feel like there isn’t enough room to store your belongings. Organizing the home can be a daunting task, and to save themselves the effort, many homeowners have often resorted to costly renovations.

While these renovations are usually effective, there are still some inexpensive ways to conceal and arrange your belongings without renovating your home. This article explores six storage spaces you can maximize to make your home look more organized:

1. Repurposed furniture

The first solution to decluttering the home, especially if it’s a small home, is to implement multi-purpose and repurposed furniture. If you’re running out of space to store your books, clothes, gadgets, and other items that you use daily, consider repurposing an old piece of furniture.

Drawers and dressers are handy for storing items in such a way that keeps them hidden but still within arm’s reach.

2. Under the bed storage

If you’re wondering where to place your repurposed drawers and dressers, the space under your bed is a great place to start. Sadly, though, drawers can only provide storage space for a few items.

If you have plenty of items to store under your bed, it’s better to use a repurposed bookcase instead. This will provide ample storage for your shoes, clothes, toys, extra pillows, and several other items.

You can attach some wheels under the bookcase for easy access, and you can also repaint it to improve its aesthetic.

3. Storage baskets

Adding storage boxes to your room is an excellent way to store and conceal certain miscellaneous items, like your throw pillows, off-season clothes, and unused toys. When placed on the shelves and cubbies in your living room, they can add style to your living space.

Fortunately, storage baskets are cheap and easy to afford. You’ll save a lot more money on any basket, shelf, or other home accessories that you purchase from Fermliving.com.

4. Staircase storage

Another area to take advantage of in your home is the space beneath your staircase. There are many stylish ways to maximize this storage space, but the easiest way would be to build a cabinet or bookshelf to store your books and decor items.

5. Headboard

One place in the home that’s often overlooked for added space is the headboard. Just as you can store your belongings under your bed, you can also store them above it. Depending on the size of your bedroom, a storage headboard can go a long way in organizing your room.

And since it provides you with enough space to store your books and magazines, it makes reading in bed a much better experience.

6. Bookshelves

The fact that it’s called a bookshelf doesn’t mean you should store only books on it. There are lots of other items you can store on bookshelves that will save you some storage space and refresh the aesthetic of your home. Some of these items include artworks, baskets, flowers and greenery, stylish accessories, and decorative pieces.

If you’re looking for a way to hide an item on your bookshelf, a smart idea is to create or buy a paper mache box that’s designed to look like a couple of books that are stacked together. You can hide small items in this box, like keys, jewelry, and documents.