4 Signs That You Should Call One of the Mold Remediation Services New Haven CT

Mold can develop in the home before anyone knows what’s happened. In some cases, the mold spreads to areas of the house that are not readily apparent. While it can’t be seen, the mold does begin to make changes in the way you feel. If you notice any of the following, have the home checked for mold. If any is found, have one of the local mold remediation services New Haven CT treat and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. 

A Change in How Easily You Breathe

Have you noticed that taking a deep breathe isn’t as easy as it was in the past? Maybe you reach a certain point and it begins to hurt when you inhale. Perhaps you begin to cough when trying to breathe deeply. These are signs that something is irritating your respiratory system. 

That something could be mold somewhere in the home. As spores break off and circulate through the home, you’ve likely breathed in a few. That’s what’s causing the distress and what will also make breathing more difficult in the future. 

Congestion That Goes Away When You Leave the House

Around the house, it seems as if your nasal passages seem to close up a bit. When you’re away from the home for any length of time, the sensation fades. By the time you return home from work, your nasal passages are clear. Even so, they begin to clog after you’ve been in the house for a couple of hours.

This is another sign that mold is proliferating somewhere in the home. If a check determines this is the case, you do need to have the mold removed as soon as you can. Doing so will mean that you can once again breathe through the nose without any real effort. 

Waking Up With a Headache

You feel fine when you go to bed, but things are different in the morning. More often than not, you have a headache. The reason it goes away is not because of the over the counter medication you take before breakfast; it’s the fact that you leave the home and are no longer exposed to the mold. 

After one of the mold remediation services New Haven CT finishes with the home, expect the headaches to fade out. In future, they may still happen due to stress, but at least they won’t be because of mold exposure. 

Finding That You’re More Irritable Than Usual

Mold can also impact your mood. Over time, you may notice that every little thing seems to get under your skin. You snap at people for things that normally would not cause any reaction at all. This is not who you are, at least not in the past. 

What you may not realize is that exposure to mold is the reason why you’re on edge and tend to get irritated by things that never mattered before. If mold is in the home, have it removed and let a professional treat the place. You’ll likely find that your normally balanced mood begins to return.

Keep in mind that you’re not likely to experience all of these and other symptoms related to mold exposure. Even if you only notice one or two, that’s still grounds for having the home checked. If any issues are found, have them resolved promptly. Life will be a lot easier once the mold is gone.