4 Questions to Ask About EV Charging Solutions Before You Install Anything

You’ve decided that adding electric charging stations to your company’s parking lot or deck is something that needs to happen soon. To that end, you have some questions that need answers. By getting the information that you need, it will be easier to select the best EV charging solutions for your space, and ensure that your customers enjoy the maximum benefit.

What Sort of Structural Changes Will Be Needed?

There will likely be some changes to the parking deck or lot that must be made. Fortunately, it won’t be necessary to do a lot in terms of change. Once you designate which spaces will receive the stations, it will be easier to see if you need to remove anything, or if it’s just a matter of adding something to those areas.

Keep in mind that stations can be stand-alone additions, or they can be something that’s mounted to a wall. With either solution, you will need to ensure the stations are properly connected to the electrical system.  A contractor can assess the site and provide a detailed idea of what needs to be done.

How About Electrical Upgrades?

Another concern you have is associated with the ability of your present electrical system to handle the additional load. What would happen if all of the charging stations were in use during a peak hour of the business day? Would the system hold up well, or could it overload?

This is another area where an electrician can evaluate what’s in place and tell you what might need to be done. Assuming the wiring in your building is relatively new, there may be only some minor adjustments to make. If the wiring is more than twenty years old, it may be necessary to install a new setup before you add any stations to the mix.

How Many Stations Would Be Good For a Start?

Looking around town, you see varying numbers of charging stations in different parking areas. For some businesses, there are only two or three. Other have installed half a dozen or more, all grouped together in one area of a parking lot. What sort of strategy would work in your case?

It’s true that not every customer coming through your door needs access to a station. Even so, it never hurts to devote a percentage of your parking area to them. For example, if your parking area has spaces for 24 vehicles, consider installing at least four EV charging solutions. Over time, you can gauge the usage and decide if adding more is a good idea.

How Will You Choose Stations That Accommodate the Most Vehicles?

You know enough about electric and hybrid vehicles to know that there’s no such thing as a universal power outlet. At present, there are four primary types of plugs in use. Different makes and models use varying designs. Your best bet is to go with one based on the make and model of vehicles that are currently the most popular.

Doing so meets and immediate need, since those connectors will likely be just fine for most of the electric vehicles in use in your area. Keep in mind that some brands are built so that you can change the plug later if the need arises.

Work closely with a contractor to develop a plan of action. What you learn along the way will come in handy when you’re ready to add more charging stations to your property.