4 Good Reasons to Call One of the Entry Door Restoration Services Charlotte NC Today

There’s no doubt that your front and back doors have served you well for a number of years. Even so, the time is coming when a change needs to take place. It may be that the doors are still sturdy, but other issues have made you wonder if they should be replaced. Before making that decision, call one of the local entry door restoration services Charlotte NC and find out what an expert thinks. Assuming the door is basically sound, some repairs and updates may be all that you need. Here are four examples of when the restoration is a better choice than buying a replacement. 

Recent Weather Damage

Your no stranger to bad weather at various intervals throughout the year. In fact, a recent event that included strong winds left your front door with some deep scratches. Given the amount of damage done to the door facade, it has you wondering if it would be best to replace it. 

An expert may find that the scratches look much worse than they happen to be. If that’s the case, repainting the door and applying a protective coating may be all it takes to ensure the door looks great again. Since all this can often be done in a single day, the expert won’t have to be on the scene for very long. 

Concerns About Security

Perhaps the age of the door has you concerned about burglaries. Is it still strong enough to hold up to attempts to breakthrough? While you may not be sure, a professional can examine the door and tell you if it’s still capable of keeping intruders out of the home. 

The expert from one of the entry door restoration services in Charlotte NC will examine the entire door, not just the outside facade. The goal is to determine if there are any hairline cracks or other issues with the material that negatively impact the door’s structural integrity. With some doors, it may be possible to apply a new facade that restores the durability and makes it difficult for anyone to breach the entrance. 

Air Seepage Around the Door

You don’t have any issues with the appearance of the door. It also still looks quite nice. The only real problem that you experience is the tiny spaces in between the door proper and the door jamb. Air can seep in along the top, the sides, and the bottom of the door. 

A professional can evaluate the door and determine what can be done to eliminate the air seepage. In some cases, the right type of weather stripping can take care of the job. Adding something along the bottom of the door itself may take care of the rest of the problem. Best of all, the expert can offer solutions that enhance the look of the entrance as well as make it more energy efficient. 

The Door Needs an Update

Perhaps the door function isn’t the problem at all. You would like to update the look of the door so that it’s a better match for the color scheme you’re recently chosen for the home’s exterior. You may even want to add more decorative elements to the door as one way of making a change.

These updates can be done without having to invest in new front or back doors. An expert can talk with you about the changes, explain how they can be done, and help you compare the cost of the renovations with the expense of buying a new door. You’re likely to find that updating the old one will be the most affordable approach. 

Before you decide the present entry door has to go, find out what a professional has to say. Improving the appearance and the function may be easier to manage than you thought.