3 trends for 2022 home furniture

We all get a little lost when it comes to contemporary furniture options. There’s so much choice out there, and so many furniture trends circulating at the moment, that designing and fitting out our homes can be terribly stressful! To make things a little easier on you and your home, we’ve compiled three of the top trends for home furniture in 2022.  

By following these popular trends, you will have a solid guideline on what furniture you should invest in and what furniture you shouldn’t! There’s always a reason why certain furniture reaches the trending list, and its because it has form and function superior to other home furniture pieces. 

At the moment, we prize eco-friendliness, neutrality, simplicity and functionality very highly. These qualities are extremely desirable, and reflected in the following trends-on-the-rise.

The return of marble furniture

Marble furniture is back in business! A long-loved statement piece in so many premium properties, we’re investing once again in marble as a material: from sideboard and table to kitchen counters and vanities, marble meshes perfectly in both minimalist and maximalist spaces. As a natural stone, marble is environmentally friendly, requiring minimal energy to shape and produce. 

Sustainable materials, as a whole, are making a lasting return. Timber is becoming favoured throughout many modern homes, complemented by natural materials such as bamboo and recycled cloth, metal or plastic. The first step to protecting our planet is being conscious of what material products we consume, and this holds true when it comes to selecting furniture for the home. 

Making the most of our space

As the real estate market continues to rise in price, many of us are making do with whatever space we have. And, given the recent lockdowns and the shift to working from home that so many of us have faced, the need for more useable room in our properties is increasingly apparent. 

One way to solve this issue without tackling the housing market is investing in multi-functional, multi-purpose pieces of furniture. Without doubt, multi-functional furniture is expected to skyrocket in popularity over the coming 12 months. For example, think about mobile dining tables that double up as desks for your home office, or ottomans that transform from seating into much needed storage. 

Be a little eclectic!

Focusing on functionality doesn’t mean that your home has to be boring. Home furniture can serve a purpose, and look great at the same time! Consider switching up the styles of some of your favourite furniture pieces, to create an eclectic combo that really makes your property stand out. For example, why not have an Art Deco accent chair with a Scandinavian coffee table? The world is your oyster, and there aren’t any strict rules to decorating. An enriching, vibrant environment at home bodes well for our continued happiness and wellbeing, too!

So, now you know the latest trends for home furniture in 2022. Hopefully, they will provide a little inspiration and guidance on how you should decorate your home, and why! When it comes to interior design, ideas are everything, and by taking trends into account, we can inspire ourselves to be more creative and confident with our own environment.