Why Do Anlin Windows Get Such Great Reviews?

If you’re like most homeowners, before you spend a large amount of money on something for your home, you’re going to do some research. Whether it’s a new appliance, a home security system, or a mattress, you’ll likely want to gather some information from experts, as well as from other people who have purchased that product for their home.

When it comes to new windows for your home, many people assume that all window products are pretty much the same, so they fail to do adequate research on the various brands. This could prove to be a huge mistake, since there can be quite a bit of difference from brand to brand. Some windows are more energy efficient, some are more durable, and some have superior warranties. It’s important to compare the various offerings on the market, but don’t limit yourself to just the one or two brands you may be familiar with.

For example, if you live in the western part of the United States, a brand you should definitely consider is Anlin Windows. Anlin is a relatively small company when compared to large window manufacturers like Milgard or Simonton, but they make a great product for a great price. They get outstanding reviews from both industry professionals and consumers. They have a five-star average rating on Yelp, and a 4.8-star rating on Google.

Michal Bohm, owner of BM Windows in San Diego and a veteran of the replacement window industry, has this to say about Anlin Windows: “When our replacement window company was deciding what brands of windows we wanted to sell, we kept coming back to Anlin. Anlin makes premium windows, but doesn’t charge a premium price. We can confidently recommend their products to our San Diego customers and they have all been very happy with them. In addition, all Anlin windows meet California’s energy efficiency guidelines, with no upgrades needed. The same can’t be said of other replacement window products on the market.”

What Do Homeowners Have to Say About Anlin Windows?

For many homeowners, customer reviews are just as important, if not more important than reviews from industry experts. Here’s a couple of Anlin reviews from many of the company’s satisfied customers:

“We have had our Anlin windows for a number of years now. We love, love, love them! So well made. They still slide easily. They keep us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We live near a hospital and we don’t hear the sirens at all. We get Santa Ana winds here and the windows keep the dust out. We don’t hear the neighbors’ dogs. They are just great windows. One of the best investments in our home that we have ever made.”  – Donna L.

“I recently had new Anlin window replacements put into my house. 13 windows in total and 2 sliding glass doors. The windows are a perfect fit and have greatly improved the aesthetics of my house. The windows and doors have been amazing and more importantly have improved the houses overall temperature along with the sound proofing of the house. The value of the windows have been worth every penny.”  – Michael G.

If you live in the western United States and are looking into new windows for your home, definitely consider Anlin products. Their stellar reviews are reason enough to add them to your list of replacement window products worth considering.