What are Sugar Ants, and How to Get Rid of Them?

Sugar ants are a common nuisance in homes and businesses, but they can be aggressive and dangerous to humans if they get into a home. The best way to get rid of sugar ants is to use an environmentally safe product.

Sugar ants are small, reddish-brown insects that look similar to aphids. Sugar ants feed on plant sap and excrete honeydew on plants or foliage. They are sometimes called mealybugs or whiteflies because of their white or gray appearance. Sugar ants can be found in homes worldwide, including in North America and Europe. They tend to infest areas with a high moisture level, such as around plumbing pipes or eaves where water collects during heavy rains or humid conditions. Sugar ants can damage a home’s structural integrity by chewing through woodwork or other building materials as they search for food sources inside walls, ceilings, and attic spaces. If you would love to sell your home regardless of whether it’s infested by ants, contact VA Beach Realtors.

To Get Rid of Sugar Ants, You Can Follow These Steps:

Identify The Entry Points

Sugar ants are small black or yellowish insects that feed on honeydew, a sweet secretion produced by aphids. They nest in tree holes and on the ground under objects such as leaves, rocks, and logs. Identifying the entry points is key to getting rid of them. Look for new holes or droppings near your property and search for signs of activity around the edges of trees and shrubs.

Seal Off Holes With Caulk or Weather Stripping

If you find an active colony in the middle of your yard, seal up any holes with caulk or weather stripping. This will prevent them from entering your home or other buildings as long as it’s in place for at least three weeks, if possible.

Spray Insecticides Around Baseboards and Window Frames

Spray insecticide around baseboards and window frames to kill ants crawling inside your structure from outside areas where they work their ant farm business. Ants can’t climb smooth surfaces, but they’ll crawl into cracks and crevices to get into your house if there’s an opening near windowsills or doors where they can get food.

Use Bait

Sugar ants can be attracted to sweet things, so placing a piece of candy near the trail of ants you’ve seen is a good idea. Sugar ants are attracted to sweet things, which will be a great way to attract them. If the bait is insufficient, add honey or maple syrup to your bait mix.

Use Insecticides

If you’re tired of trying out different baits and insecticides, it’s time to get rid of sugar ants once and for all. Many types of sugar ant control products are available on the market today, such asliquid sprays, granular sprays, aerosols, and dust. You can also find some natural alternatives like vinegar or borax that are effective against these pests too.

Natural Repellents

Some natural substances can help deter ants. Black pepper, dried mint, sprinkle cinnamon, and leaves near entry points or areas where you’ve seen ants. They generally dislike the strong smells of these substances.

If the ant infestation continuesregardless of your efforts, consider contacting a skilled pest control service. They can assess the situation and provide targeted treatments to eliminate the ants.

Key Takeaway

Remember, it’s crucial to be persistent in getting rid of sugar ants, as they may have multiple colonies and can be resilient. Additionally, practicing good hygiene and maintaining a clean living environment will help prevent future infestations.