Enjoy the Best Customer Care Service in Kerala With Hitachi Air Conditioners

Kerala is one of the most developed states in India with the highest literacy rate and Human Development Index. With about half of the population living in the urban areas, the state also tops the sustainable development goals according to the annual report of NITI Aayog published in 2019.

The 8th largest economy among the Indian states, Kerala has witnessed an all-around growth and development. It is no surprise then that the state features prominently on the radar of consumer goods companies, such as air conditioners.

The Kerala Climate and Room Air-Conditioners

The state enjoys diverse geographical features resulting in versatile climates. Kerala experiences pre-predominantly three seasons -summer, monsoon, and winter.

While the mountain regions have cooler climates, the coastal plains remain hot and humid for the better part of the year. The state is the first to welcome the monsoon season in India, registering high average annual rainfall than its neighbouring states.

It is evident from the climate conditions of Kerala that the residents here require an air conditioner that can provide them with a comfortable temperature inside their home, irrespective of the temperature outside. Furthermore, the air conditioner should be of sturdy quality that can withstand an average of four months of the rainy season, with some areas witnessing almost round the year rainfall.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has a wide variety of air conditioners with Expandable Inverter Technology ACs. This feature lets the air conditioner expand its cooling capacity according to the weather condition outside and number of people inside the room. These ACs also have 20% better humidity control which makes them efficient in providing comfort even in high humidity regions such as Kerala.

Customer Care at Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India

While Hitachi Cooling & Heating has a strong and loyal customer base all over Kerala, maintaining customer satisfaction is as important as the sales figures. The company is in a constant endeavour to better its customer care services so that the customers keep getting the attention they deserve long after they buy a Hitachi AC.

The company has developed a robust grievance address system with multiple ways to contact customer care, especially through the good old phone call. 

You can contact the Hitachi customer care-Kerala from your phone through the following helpline numbers-

Call: – 91-797141-4848, 756788-4848WhatsApp– 756788-4848

Easy Steps to Follow to Register Your Complaint

  1. Your call will be initially connected to the customer registration centre as soon as you dial any customer care helpline numbers given above.
  1. You will be asked to select your preferred language. Apart from the usual English and Hindi, you can now also select Malayalam, Telegu or Tamil as your preferred language.
  1. After selecting your preferred language, you will be diverted to an automatic interactive voice response system that will either transfer your call to a customer care executive or ask for your 10-digit mobile phone number.
  1. Once you enter your mobile phone number, the system will check its record to see whether the number is registered in the system.
  1. Your complaint will be immediately registered if the number is found in the records. In case your number is not found in the records, your call will be immediately transferred to a customer care executive to save you from any unwanted hassle or anxiety. 

WhatsApp Services

Just type “Hi” and send it to the customer care’s WhatsApp number provided above. The WhatsApp automatic chat response system will take over with a welcome message. All you have to do is follow the instructions thereafter and get your issues resolved.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating firmly believes that the residents of God’s own country shall not suffer from indifferent or overwhelmed customer care systems. Having the best AC is not enough, the customer deserves the best customer care experience as well.